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Medical Impact DAO

Provides quadratic and retroactive funding to create an Impact Market for Open Source Medicine

Medical Impact DAO

Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ Superfluid — Pool Prize

Project Description

This project is about quadratic and retroactive funding to create an Impact Market for Open Source Medicine. Impact investors funding open source IP-NFTs representing unmonopolisable therapies such as repurposed generic drugs, plant medicines, diets and nutraceuticals etc.

People donate FIAT or crypto by purchasing an NFT which is available for sale via a gallery. This goes into a Gnosis Multisig.

People then can fund IP-NFT that pay for Clinical trials for unmonopilsable therapies conducted by independent CRO.

If the clinical trials are successful according to CRO Oracle (which issues a number of impact points for the data e.g. 50% reduction in disease vs usual care = 50 points), they will receive a proportion of the 20% annual outcome payment from the Gnosis multisig, proportional to their impact points.

How it's Made

This project make use of NFT, Smart Contract, DAO blockchain technology for its implementation. The components are:

  1. Crowd funding Landing page to issue Medical Impact NFT as Advance Market Commitments for unmonopolisable therapies in specific disease using NFTPort API

  2. Funding using Superfluid for Clinical Trial

  3. Hypercert/IPFS integration with Protocol Lab Hypercert project (Future)

  4. API to allow issue of IP-NFTs to impact investors via platform, crowd funding of Medical Impact NFT fund via held in Gnosis Multisig (Future)

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