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Me, Emergency Scan

Descentralize the most human service of all, health. **Scan your health records in case of emergency, upload the data as data occurs.

Me, Emergency Scan

Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


❌ Polygon — Best Hack with Polygon zkEVM


🃏 Lit — Wildcard

Project Description

Health information is one of the most valuable assets a person can have, but to date this information is centraly stored by doctors and hospitals, making it impossible for the user to track down his information, update it and use it in an effective matter when in case of emergency.

Our project seeks to allow the user to effectively use his own personal information for emergency use, medical assistance and update his medical record world wide saving life valuable minutes in case of emergency, saving hours on creating new medical history, and avoiding human error by updating effectively the information by the health proffesionals.

How it's Made

Me, Emergency Scan is a React web app for Health, This app is made with React JS in the Front End, and its published on 2 blockchains, Gnosis and zkEVM for Polygon, this are the URLS

Use QR codes to check the BOS widgets.

Tech Stack The contract is build in Solidity with Remix editor for browsers, in this case we store the sensitive data in the contract, but encrypted with Lit, all the data that is store by the medics its protected and just que medics can access to that, or the owner of the part of it. In the Front end we use React as Javascript library, all the CSS of the project was built with Tailwind CSS its a really good utility framework that allows to us make reusable components, and we use BOS to that its NEAR, in this case we use it because have really cool things that help us with the diagnostics with the paramedics, they just need to have a cell phone and a wallet, and the page will be available all time, because BOS works as same as IPFS

**Gnosis Chain, this blockchains allows us the scalability and cheap gas transactions for the project. **Lit protocol, for data encryption within the contract. **BOS is Near, descentralized front end working especially for the paramedics.

ft. Nouns, kick ass nounish artwork to show that health should not only be descentralized, but also a public good.

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