A merchant-first 3D world created for businesses to start exploring the Web3 and Metaverse!


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Project Description

MaxzWorld is thriving Metaverse where users can play unlimited games, connect with their favorite brands, & gain NFTs that can even give you real-world value!

With MaxzWorld we plan to build an SME friendly interface allowing brands to reach new audiences and include them in their marketing campaigns. Thus aiding an inflow of fresh revenues and some very very cool NFT collections.

In MAXZworld, the metaverse has been broken down into multiple sectors. Each sector represents a particular industry and we plan to theme each sector accordingly. Once an advertsier pushes a campaign, it goes live directly within the game. Depending on the category chosen, by Advertisers, the rewards will show up in the corresponding sector.

They can roam around the 3D openworld and choose to interact with the objects of their choice. User can collect the NFTs dropped randomly in the metaverse doing scavenger hunts. They can also travel across sectors to collect and own NFTs of their favorite brands across categories. In each sector the users can play various mini-games and win these NFTs are prizes.

How it's Made

MaxzWorld has a User metaverse login as well as a Merchant / Advertiser Login. The Advertiser front end UI elements built with Next js, Tailwind css

Frontend webApp deployment has bene done using Vercel. This talks to backend implemented using Moralis, and functions using smart contracts which connects with the Polygon blockchain. On trigger, it sends requests to the IPFS daemon and stores the data in its local storage.

The MAXZWorld game development has been built using React js, Three js, React Three fiber.

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