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Match&Hack: Your go-to platform for hackers, simplifying team formation, connecting talents worldwide, and enhancing the hackathon experience. Find your perfect teammates effortlessly!


Created At

ETHGlobal New York

Winner of


🏃 Airstack — Runner Ups

Project Description

Match&Hack is a comprehensive platform tailored for the hackathon community, offering a suite of features to simplify team formation, foster collaboration, and enhance the overall hackathon experience.

User Registration and Authentication: To begin their journey on Match&Hack, users register using Lens Protocol for authentication. This robust authentication system ensures the legitimacy of participants, creating a secure and trusted environment.

Personalized Hacker Profiles: Each user has the opportunity to create a detailed hacker profile. This profile acts as a digital representation of their skills, experiences, and preferences. Users can add a profile picture, craft a descriptive bio, list their technical skills and programming languages of expertise, share their GitHub profile, and specify the types of partners they are seeking.

Matchmaking Interface: Match&Hack features an intuitive matchmaking-style interface that simplifies the process of finding the ideal team members. Hackers can browse through profiles of other participants, apply filters to narrow down their search based on hackathons, skills, or interests, and easily identify potential teammates.

Profile Verification: Profile authenticity is ensured through Lens Protocol's data verification process and PolygonID. This dual verification process enhances trust, and users can rely on the fact that their potential teammates are genuine participants in the hackathon community.

POAP Badges: Match&Hack incorporates POAP badges as a recognition system for hacker achievements. These badges are awarded based on past participation and wins in hackathons, showcasing a user's expertise and commitment within the community.

Secure Communication: Match&Hack provides a secure environment for communication between hackers through XMTP's messaging platform. Users can engage in direct one-on-one chats or participate in group discussions. This feature fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and efficient team communication.

User Journey:

Registration: Users start by registering using Lens Protocol for authentication, ensuring a secure and trusted user base.

Building Your Hacker Profile: After registration, users complete their profiles by adding a profile picture and providing details about their skills, experiences, spoken languages, GitHub profile, and the types of partners they are interested in collaborating with.

Finding the Perfect Team: Hackers use the matchmaking interface to explore profiles of others. They can apply filters to discover potential teammates who match their hackathon interests and objectives. Once a suitable match is found, users can initiate communication and form teams with confidence.

How it's Made

Technology Stack:

Lens Protocol: Match&Hack leverages Lens Protocol for user authentication and verification. This technology ensures the security and authenticity of users, providing a trusted foundation for the platform.

POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) Badges: POAP badges are integrated into the platform as a recognition system for hacker achievements. These badges are awarded based on past participation and wins in hackathons, enhancing the user experience.

PolygonID: In addition to Lens Protocol, PolygonID is employed for profile verification. This dual verification process enhances trust within the platform, ensuring that users are genuine participants in the hackathon community.

XMTP (External Messaging and Transaction Protocol): XMTP's messaging platform facilitates secure communication between hackers. Users can engage in direct one-on-one chats or participate in group discussions, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Airstack: Match&Hack utilizes Airstack for API and data search functionalities. This partnership with Airstack enhances the platform's ability to provide users with relevant data and information, streamlining the team formation process.

Integration and Synergy:

The integration of these technologies is central to Match&Hack's success. Lens Protocol and PolygonID work seamlessly together to ensure user authentication and profile verification. The use of POAP badges adds a gamification element, motivating users to engage actively in hackathons and showcase their achievements.

XMTP's messaging platform is tightly integrated into the core of the platform, enabling secure and efficient communication between hackers. This feature enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing, essential components of successful team formation.

Airstack's API and data search capabilities play a crucial role in providing users with relevant and up-to-date information. This is particularly valuable when users are searching for potential teammates or hackathon events. Airstack's technology streamlines the user experience, making it easier for hackers to find the information they need.

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