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A "hacker news" like board for every DAO with built in incentives and rewards.


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🏊‍♂️ IPFS/Filecoin Pool Prize

Project Description

Let your communities help you discover the world's most interesting sites. Explore, track and engage with your communities.

Why bother?

We're creating a product for debate and sharing of knowledge, where they are also part of your digital identity. We decided to make use of Lens' protocol Social Graph in order to enable full interoperability and traceability of the internet you find fascinating. We envision that DAOs/communities will be interested in mobilizing their treasury in supporting the curation of information resources that are related to their community. This enables a new wave of information workers that support the shared knowledge of the community.

How it's Made

The began from a fork from

We use the following technologies: Polygon for the deployment of the Dapp, IPFS hosting all the metadata regarding posts, links and comments.

  • Lens Protocol - Posts, Comments, Upvotes and profiles

  • Walletconnect for sign in and Coinbase wallet also for sign in

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