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Mandi House

Marketplace to Mint your Ideas and any Digital resources as NFT

Mandi House

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Road to Web3

Project Description

Mandi in the Hindi language means marketplace. Such market places were for food and agri-commodities. This will be a platform for the farmers and other people participating in the supply chain to sell their commodities and also a place to own and sell their Agri data and platform where farmers can raise funds for the next season. To try to solve its huge supply chain problem, I have targeted three main areas. 1. Creating text data as NFT(it will help us to package different type assets to one and tokenize it and reduce transaction cost further) 2. Building a marketplace to exchange goods and services in cryptocurrencies (physical and digital) 3. Making it a crowdfunding platform ... In the process, I have been only able to accomplish the first which is making text data as NFT and partially for the second pointer. This project has a lot to do and discover in the process of making itself. It started with the aim to be the marketplace for the agriculture ecosystem however with its implementation it can be seen as a platform where one can mint ideas and digital assets. One can package different type of assets in one text file and put it in the blockchain timestamped owned by someone, one can monetize and own that data. It uses the same infrastructure as it would use to mint image but instead it would use a document that has all the assets packaged and minted. I am submitting a partial project because I think text as NFT has even more potential in all domains including agrotech.

How it's Made

The technology stack used: Metamask, Solidity JS, IPFS, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Ethers, Tailwind. Web 3 is new to me, so I didn't try to create anything new but I have used existing online resources and tried to come up with it a little differently. I have only used polygon testnet.

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