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Mame is web3 social network application that creates memes NFT.


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Project Description

What's is Mame?

MAME is a MEME themed web social network application. Users can post images and create memes using the posted images. The application runs on the Lens protocol, which is all NFT.

Core Function

Feed Meme

You can see a list of memes that have been created.

If you find a meme you like, you can favorite it.

Post Image

You can upload images to be used in Meme. These images will be NFT when uploaded.

Create Meme

You can create a new "meme" using the uploaded images.

You can view memes created using the same image.


User profiles can be set.

How it Differs From Web2 app

The user owns the images and memes. They are on the blockchain(Polygon), so if an image is reused and a new meme is created, it is recorded. You can later see what memes have been created from the same image.

In the future, we hope to build a token economy where the creation of memes, their use, and the evaluation of memes will bring economic benefits to their creators.

How it's Made

Front-end NextJs

Build UI with Figma

Backend with Lens Protocol functionality

All back-end functions are built using the Lens Protocol. Creating user profiles, retrieving posted Meme feeds, and creating MemeNFTs are done using the Lens Protocol functionality.

The front end was first designed in Figma and then implemented using NextJs.

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