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Magic Maker

šŸŒŸāœØ Magic Maker is an enchanting web app that lets you craft your own fairy tales! Select a genre, choose your hero, and guide them through an immersive choose-your-own-adventure story. Get a unique tale based on your choices, leading to a satisfying conclusion.

Magic Maker

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Project Description

This project is an interactive fairy tale generator built using AirStack SDK and using Anthropic AI SDK. The app guides users through the process of creating their own unique fairy tale by making a series of choices that shape the story's genre, protagonist, plot, and conclusion.

Here's a detailed breakdown of how the app works:

  1. The user starts at the initial frame ("/"), where they are presented with a button to begin the story creation process.

  2. In the "/genre" frame, the user chooses a genre for their fairy tale from a list of options, including "Classic", "Princesses & Unicorns", "Dark", and a randomly selected genre.

  3. The "/protagonist" frame prompts the user to select a name for their main character from a list of options.

  4. The "/intro" frame generates an engaging introduction to the fairy tale based on the selected genre and protagonist name. It uses the Anthropic AI SDK to create the introduction, which sets the scene, introduces the main character, and presents two distinct paths the story could take.

  5. A similar setup continues for two more steps: a story, two choices, and continuing a story based on the choice. In total, three choices are made in the process.

  6. Finally, the "/conclusion" frame brings the fairy tale to a satisfying close based on the final choice made in the previous step. It resolves the main conflicts, reveals any remaining secrets, and describes the consequences of the decisions throughout the story.

  7. In the future, there will be an option for the fairy tales you particularly loved to be uploaded and stored in a smart contract on Base (contract already deployed at

The app utilizes the Anthropic AI SDK to generate the story content at each stage, based on the user's choices and the provided prompts. The AI model used: "claude-3-haiku-20240307" (for speed of generation and low price of API calls).

The app's user interface is built using the Frog framework.

Overall, this project showcases the integration of the Anthropic AI SDK with the Frog framework to create an engaging, interactive fairy tale generator that allows users to shape their own unique stories based on their choices.

How it's Made

Magic Maker uses AirStack Frog Recipes and Anthropic API for story creation.

āš›ļø React.js for building the user interface šŸø Airstack Frog Recipes šŸ¤– Anthropic Claude API (Sonnet model) for generating story segments šŸ”µ Solidiy smart contract on Base for fairy tale storage šŸŒ Farcaster Frames API for storing fairy tales in a smart contract or as an NFT (unfinished)

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