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Revolutionizing social media: Our platform ensures genuine users through OTP and Worldcoin verification, while enabling cross-chain discussions on user-chosen weekly topics. Join us in shaping authentic conversations! #SocialMediaInnovation


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Project Description

This project is a revolutionary social media platform with a unique approach. Users authenticate through WorldCoin nullifier. Participation is limited to users who possess specific game NFTs. The system operates through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) principles.

Here's how it works:

User Authentication: Users log in using their WorldCoin IDs for verification. DAO Participation and Process: Only users owning certain game NFTs can participate. DAO members who stake tokens can propose discussion topics. Daily, 10 users are selected from stakers to join topic proposal. Topic Selection via DAO: Proposed topics are voted on by DAO members. The top 5 voted topics become the next day's subjects. Smart contracts are generated for these topics. Message Pools: Smart contracts for the top 5 topics are created. This is where discussions related to the chosen topics take place. In summary, this project creates a secure and engaging space where users authenticate using WorldCoin IDs, participation is limited to NFT holders, DAO members propose and vote on topics, and dedicated smart contracts enable focused discussions. The platform's novel approach aims to foster authentic and topic-focused conversations within the blockchain community.

How it's Made

Building this project involved a mix of technologies to ensure its cross-chain social media functionality, secure authentication, and decentralized governance:

Authentication: WorldCoin IDs are used for user verification. We integrated WorldCoin's API for seamless authentication, linking user accounts securely.

Cross-Chain Functionality: We leveraged Worldcoin for cross-chain interactions. This allowed users to interact with various blockchain networks, enhancing the project's inclusivity.

DAO Implementation: Our decentralized governance model is facilitated by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. We used Solidity to develop these contracts, enabling DAO members to stake tokens, propose topics, and vote on them.

Topic Selection Process: The process of topic selection is orchestrated through a combination of off-chain and on-chain components. Off-chain, we built a backend system using Node.js to manage topic proposals and selection. On-chain, we utilized Ethereum's smart contracts to execute the voting mechanism and finalize the top topics.

Smart Contracts: The heart of the project is in the smart contracts. We coded them in Solidity, allowing for secure and tamper-proof execution of DAO decisions. These contracts are used to manage and organize the selected topics.

Decentralized Messaging Platform: We developed a custom decentralized messaging platform using technologies like IPFS for content distribution and Ethereum for communication between users and message pools. This ensured that discussions were secure, censorship-resistant, and transparent.

Sponsor Technologies: While we didn't use any sponsor technologies directly, the utilization of Worldcoin significantly benefited the project by enabling cross-chain compatibility and facilitating seamless interactions with different blockchain networks.

Notable Hacky Solutions: One notable challenge was ensuring smooth cross-chain interactions. We implemented a unique mechanism using a combination of bridge contracts and oracles to facilitate communication between different blockchain networks. This approach required careful design and testing to ensure interoperability.

In conclusion, this project's foundation is built on technologies like WorldCoin API, Worldcoin, Ethereum, Solidity, Node.js, and IPFS. The integration of cross-chain interactions, decentralized governance, and secure messaging has been achieved through a well-thought-out combination of these technologies, resulting in a novel and robust cross-chain social media platform.

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