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In the loyalty protocol incentivizes restaurant customers to share feedback with the venues. Restaurants can use it as a direct marketing channel.


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Project Description

Fake reviews are an unsolved problem. We think we have a shot at providing a solution by combining worldcoin proof of humanhood together with the creation of a keypass controlled smart wallet. First, we check for human hood (see Demo, within hackathon scope).

Then, we imagine that when a customer uses the loyalty protocol the first time, a keypass is created on the user's phone (iCloud-backed, outside of hackathon scope).

If a customer uses the protocol, the passkeys (unique identifiers) are recognized and the user can sign in (outside of hackathon scope).

Wallet creation: After a few ratings linked to the keypass, the protocols trigger the creation of a keypass (iCloud backup) linked smart wallet or to the worldcoin wallet. To this wallet, the reward tokens are issued every time a rating is performed (outside of hackathon scope).

Anticipated Economics: The reward tokens are tradable and can be used to get discounts in restaurants. The tokens are valuable since restaurants have to buy them to advertise within the protocol. We imagine:

  • Airdrop loyalty cards for customers
  • Advertise within the protocol/app
  • Restaurants have to pay loyalty gas to reply to feedback
  • Unlock additional premium features

Anticipated Payments: Given a large protocol user base, one could implement a payment feature using the same QR code that is used for the rating. Fees could be much lower than Credit Card fees, but would further enhance the token value. This opens the opportunity for staking.

How it's Made

This project uses worldcoin proof of humanhood inside a React app. Once verified, the user is directed to a review page, where he can evaluate the restaurant. We were not yet able to integrate this, but we hope we can combine the creation of a keypass controlled smart wallet. This would make the onboarding for non-Web3 users much easier and reduces the hurdle to becoming a web3 user.

The smart wallet is the message sender of the reviews which are stored on the OP stack (unless we find a smarter choice). We can use the Graph to read the review data and show it to the restaurant owners. As there is now a connection established between the consumers and producers (restaurants in our case), we can use it in many ways to market to customers.

Basic review writing is deployed to Optimism Goerli:

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