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Lootbase helps crypto communities, DAOs, and groups participate in web3 together. Our Discord bot lets you buy, sell, & invest in NFTs & crypto assets with your friends—all in Discord.


Created At

HackMoney 2022

Winner of


🃏 Gnosis Safe — Wild Card


🥈 Covalent — Best Use

Project Description

Lootbase is a Discord bot that lets users buy, sell, and invest in NFTs or other crypto assets with friends—all via Discord. Community building is a fundamental aspect of web3. DAOs, NFT groups, and crypto communities are all experimenting with ways of cultivating group experiences and encouraging their communities to work together. Lootbase is built to help these web3 groups create stronger bonds with their members and encourage joint participation. We’re doing this by letting users create investment groups, fund a group wallet, and purchase NFTs/crypto assets together within Discord.

Lootbase lets you buy, sell, & invest in NFTs & crypto assets with your friends—all in Discord.

How it's Made

Lootbase is comprised of multiple components :

  • Smart-contracts

    Lootbase is built atop Gnosis Safe for the security of multisig & group activity. Our smart contract creates the gnosis safe wallet for each group. The gnosis-safe wallet is managed by two stakeholders: the Lootbase bot and the admin group. Each action needs to be approved by these two stakeholders.

    Our smart-contract also manages each members' ownership. For each deposit in a group, members receive a token in return that represents ownership & membership.

  • Graph

    We’re using The Graph to index all smart contract events (ie group information, deposit details, etc)

  • Off-chain data

    We decided to store some data off chain for efficiency such as images, text descriptions, etc. All off-chain data is stored in a MongoDb database.

  • Covalent

    We’re using Covalent to easily retrieve on-chain information such as transactions, balances, & NFT metadata.

  • Discord

    We use the Discord API to interact with the group members and help with the following: voting process, notifications & approvals, etc.

  • Front-end

    Our front-end is developed with NextJS which interfaces with our smart contract & the API gateway that connects with the sponsor technologies.

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