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It is an "analysis" marketplace using Powerloom and Filecoin. It allows devs to work on real-time datasets utilize Lighthouse for storage and incentivize their work.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Fleek - Pool Prize

Prize Pool


Powerloom - Powerloom DataStar 1st place

Project Description

LoomHub is an innovative marketplace designed to facilitate data analysis and development. It leverages the power of Powerloom and Filecoin to provide a robust platform where developers can access and work on real-time datasets. Integrating Lighthouse for storage and a system of incentives ensures developers are motivated to contribute high-quality work. People can view others' work by purchasing their work and encouraging them.

How it's Made

Powerloom: Python and JavaScript for data analysis, get real-time data using snapshotter nodes. Filecoin: Decentralized storage using go-filecoin client. Lighthouse: Secure, transparent storage protocol. Fleek: For React deployment React.js & Redux: Responsive frontend development. Node.js & Express.js: Backend framework. PostgreSQL & Redis: Data and caching management. Ethereum & Smart Contracts: Token-based reward system via Ethers.js.

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