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Looking for Party

Value- and skills-based matchmaker for teams that want to build together!

Looking for Party

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Project Description

With Looking for Party, you can find your hackathon crew based on complementary skillsets and aligned values. Why? Psychological research shows that teams with complementary skillsets and aligned values are most effective. Complementary skillsets allow each individual team member to fully lean into their strengths. Aligned values create cohesiveness and a sense of belonging within the team. How does it work? As a first step, you create your LfP avatar (it's an NFT, obvi). To mint your avatar, you will do a quick assessment of your core values based on Schwartz' theory of basic human values. Then you add your skillset and, boom -- a virtual you is ready to mint! Your values and skills will be visualized in your avatar as well as represented in the NFT metadata. With your LfP avatar in your wallet, you can head over to the event page of the event you want to participate in and look for your party! πŸ™Œ Because skills and values are visually represented in your potential team members' profiles, you instantly get an idea of who they are and whether they will be a good fit with you. You can browse all individual hackers, check out the teams that have already formed and are still looking for more members. You can also create a new team and recruit hackers who you think complement your skillset and are aligned with your values. But this is just the start! πŸ‘€ Once you and your party completed the hackathon, you will receive a cool artifact like a ETH Amsterdam cap which you can add onto your LfP avatar. These artifacts represent shared memories, achievements, and experiences. In the end, your LfP avatar will become a ledger of experiences. πŸŽ‰

How it's Made

We used WalletConnect for user authentication using their private keys. We create a profile with an NFT for each user who signs up. The metadata which contains the image of the LfP avatar is stored on IPFS. The entire frontend is built on react and Next. The server is built on NodeJS and we use MongoDB to store user information. We use a smart contract where the event organizer can mint artifact NFTs in the form of ERC1155 tokens to all the participants which can be layered on top of the users 'ledger of experiences.' The smart contracts are deployed on Polygon and Optimism. Every artifact NFT is layered on top of a user's LfP avatar. This NFT is non-transferrable and it dynamically updates on users' participation in events.

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