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LockerSwap: Decentralized token swaps with privacy using ZK-bob SDK & 1inch protocol. Frontend hosted on Near BOS for seamless, secure transactions across multiple blockchains. ๐Ÿ”„๐Ÿ”


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Chiliz - Pool Prize

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NEAR Protocol - Best Frontend Component Built with BOS 2nd Place


Arbitrum - Pool Prize

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Scroll - Deploy on Scroll

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Project Description

Project Overview: LockerSwap combines advanced cryptographic techniques, specifically Zero-Knowledge Proof Bulletproofs (zk-SNARKs), for private transfers and the 1inch protocol for efficient token swaps. The overarching goal is to provide users with a seamless and private decentralized finance (DeFi) experience. The project also supports cross-chain implementations, allowing users to conduct swaps on various blockchains.

Core Features: Private Swaps using zk-SNARKs:

Utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proof Bulletproofs (zk-SNARKs) for confidential and private token transfers. Ensures that transaction details remain private, providing users with enhanced privacy during swaps. Efficient Swaps with 1inch Protocol:

Leverages the 1inch protocol, a renowned DeFi solution, for optimized and cost-effective token swaps. Benefits from advanced algorithms and liquidity aggregation to achieve the best swap rates. Cross-Chain Implementations:

Facilitates token swaps across various blockchains, promoting interoperability. Compatible with Gnosis, Arbitrum, Metamask, Chiliz, Scroll, Mantle, ZkSync, and Neon EVM, offering users a broad spectrum of blockchain choices. Workflow: Swap Creation:

Users initiate a swap by specifying the token they want to offer, the amount, and the desired token in return with the corresponding amount. The smart contract records swap details transparently and in a decentralized manner. Private Matching with zk-SNARKs:

Utilizes zk-SNARKs to confidentially find matching swap orders without revealing sensitive information. Efficient Execution with 1inch Protocol:

Executes swaps efficiently using the 1inch protocol, optimizing for the best available rates in the market. Cross-Chain Deployment:

Deployed on multiple blockchains, allowing users to perform cross-chain swaps seamlessly. Supported Blockchains: Gnosis Arbitrum Metamask Chiliz Scroll Mantle ZkSync Neon EVM Frontend Implementation with Near BOS: Integrates Near BOS for hosting the front end. Utilizes the Near Protocol's near-api-js library for seamless communication between the front end and the Near blockchain. Implements an intuitive UI for users to create, view, and execute swaps.

LockerSwap aims to provide users with a comprehensive and privacy-focused DEX experience. By incorporating zk-SNARKs, the 1inch protocol, and supporting cross-chain functionality, LockerSwap represents a forward-thinking solution in the decentralized finance space, offering users enhanced privacy, efficiency, and flexibility in their token swaps across various blockchain ecosystems.

How it's Made

Project Architecture: Front-End Development (JavaScript and TypeScript):

Libraries/Frameworks: React or Vue.js for the user interface. Web3 Integration: Near SDK for JS for interaction with Near Protocol smart contracts. Styling: CSS or a preprocessor like SASS. State Management: Redux or React Context API for managing application state. Back-End Development (Node.js and Express):

Server: Node.js with Express for building the backend server. RESTful API: Design and implement a RESTful API to handle communication between the front end and smart contracts on the Near Protocol. Database: If needed, integrate a database (e.g., MongoDB) for storing non-sensitive data related to the project.

Private ZK Transfers with ZK-bob SDK:

Front-end integrates the ZK-bob SDK for private Zero-Knowledge Proof Bulletproofs (zk-SNARKs) transfers. Users connect wallets, select tokens, and perform swaps with enhanced privacy through ZK-bob's SDK.

Integration and Communication Flow:

Front-End and Near Protocol Interaction:

Front-end communicates with the Near Protocol smart contracts using the Near SDK for JS. Users initiate token swaps through the user interface, triggering smart contract functions for creating and executing swaps.

Back-End and Near Protocol Interaction:

Back-end server communicates with the Near Protocol using the Near SDK for JS. Handles business logic not suitable for smart contracts, such as user authentication, authorization, and potentially off-chain computations. Implements the RESTful API to facilitate communication between the front end and Near Protocol smart contracts. Partner Technologies:

ZK-bob SDK:

Benefit: Enhances privacy for token transfers using Zero-Knowledge Proof Bulletproofs. This technology aligns with the project's goal of providing secure and private token swaps. Near SDK for JS:

Benefit: Streamlines the interaction between the front end, back end, and smart contracts on the Near Protocol, ensuring a cohesive and integrated ecosystem. Notable Considerations:

Flexibility with JavaScript and TypeScript:

Using a combination of JavaScript and TypeScript in the front-end development provides flexibility, allowing developers to benefit from TypeScript's static typing while integrating seamlessly with JavaScript libraries.

Efficient RESTful API:

Implementing a well-designed and efficient RESTful API ensures smooth communication between the front end, back end, and smart contracts, optimizing the overall user experience.

Privacy with ZK-bob SDK:

Integration of the ZK-bob SDK for private transfers adds a layer of privacy to the token swaps, making use of advanced cryptographic techniques. Continuous Improvement:

Hosting: Frontend Hosting on Near BOS: The front end is hosted on Near BOS, ensuring decentralization and accessibility across the Near Protocol, providing a decentralized front-end experience.

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