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The LocalPro infrastructure enables global organisations to collaborate with local independent workers, bringing on-chain verification & incentivisation to local offline work.


Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Winner of


πŸ†” Polygon β€” πŸ₯‡ Best use of Polygon ID


🀝 Polygon β€” πŸ₯‡ Best Public Good with Account Abstraction


πŸ₯‰ zkBob β€” Best Use


πŸ† ETHGlobal Lisbon Finalist

Project Description

Despite increasing global connectivity, there is a high demand for hyper-local contract work such as setting up local IoT infrastructure (e.g., via DePIN), independent supplier inspections, or fulfilling municipal tasks.

However, managing local workforces can be a challenge for organizations, especially when it comes to verifying workers who use specialized equipment or interact with minors. According to Glassdoor, verification checks alone can cost up to $500. Additionally, ensuring quality control of offline tasks that lack data points is difficult. Meanwhile, local gig workers face significant challenges, with 71% experiencing high-income volatility and 61% lacking a clear path for growth according to Freelancers Union.

LocalPro connects global organizations with independent local workforces using trustless verification of identity and performance. Our transparent cross-organizational credential system creates a clear growth path, coordination efficiencies, and ultimately, more stable work opportunties for locals. We address potential complexities of on-chain coordination with better UX through Account Abstraction, while ensuring data privacy and compliance using ZK-privacy with PolygonID. Thus, we unlock the mass market for offline work for the first time.

In the scope of ETH Global we are showcasing a potential user flow from onboarding to settlement with the functional prototype focusing on "proof of performance" as a hyper-local verification of a worker's capabilities. The prototype includes automated settlement payouts and reputation credentialing, that further unlocks new offers on our LocalPro marketplace.

Our use case is informed by one of our team member’s previous work with a European city that aims to digitize and decentralize the coordination and contracting of after-school activities. The current process is mostly manual and lacks transparency, creating the challenges mentioned above we aim to address through this project.

How it's Made

  • To enable a seamless credential verification process, we've deployed PolygonID Issuer and Verifier nodes for organisations to disseminate and check credentials. We've also provided Safe Abstracted Accounts to enable automated credential issuance and payment release.
  • When a worker completes a task, the worker's app transmits evidence such as time and location, which is then processed using our task completion and reputation logic. Once verified, the worker receives the appropriate credentials. Although this process is currently managed off-chain, we have designed it to enable smooth integration with PolygonID's forthcoming on-chain verification process.
  • The PolygonID infrastructure allows workers to retain complete control over their credentials, which are securely stored on their device and backed up in the cloud. When required to demonstrate the possession of appropriate credentials, zero-knowledge proofs are generated.
  • Lastly, we've developed a Next.js web application for workers to set up a Safe Abstracted Account and a zkBob address, enabling them to receive private payments.
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