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LiveStream NFT

A farcaster frame which converts the amazing moments of any livestream into an NFT.

LiveStream NFT

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Project Description

Imagine attending an amazing livestream and you wish to capture your favourite moments into NFTs. LiveStream NFTs platform is built exactly for that purpose. This platform lets any user attending a live stream capture favourite moments into NFTs.

Suppose a user is attending a live stream and if he wants to NFTfy it, then he simply need to copy the playback ID of livepeer live stream from the URL and copy it to the LiveStream NFT frame. The frame first generates the gif from the stream and shows it to the user, if the user loves it he can mint this GIF using the mint button and NFT is minted on Base blockchain.

We have also integrated Pinata Analytics APIs to track total live NFTs minted, users viewing live stream and total users who have visited the livestream.

How it's Made

The live stream platform we have used is Livepeer which can be used by anybody to live stream content. Once the user copies the live stream playback ID from URL, he can paste ID to farcaster frame to generate NFTs. The frame internally has a serverless function which first clips a small portion of the live stream and converts it into a GIF that can be minted to NFT.

The Frame.js framework is used for building this farcaster frame and the transactions are executed from the internal functions of this frame.

The Scaffold-eth2 was used as a boilerplate to build this project.

The Pinata Analytics API was used for tracking user analytics such as total live viewers, total viewers who minted NFTs, and total viewers who created GIFs using livestream video.

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