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The app uses Lit Protocol to securely encrypt, decrypt, and conditionally sign documents, ensuring only authorized users can access and sign them.


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HackFS 2024

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Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

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Project Description

The Secure Document Sharing and Signing application leverages the Lit Protocol to provide a robust solution for encrypting, decrypting, and conditionally signing documents. This application ensures that sensitive documents are securely shared and accessed only by authorized users. The key features include:

Document Encryption: Encrypt documents to secure their contents. Document Decryption: Decrypt documents with the appropriate symmetric key. Conditional Signing: Sign documents if specific conditions, such as a minimum Ethereum balance, are met. By utilizing advanced cryptographic functionalities of the Lit Protocol, this project enhances security and privacy in document management, making it ideal for collaborative environments where sensitive information needs to be protected.

Benefits Secure Document Sharing: Ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive documents. Enhanced Security: Uses advanced cryptographic methods for encryption and decryption. Conditional Access: Allows document signing based on predefined criteria, ensuring only qualified users can sign. User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the process of managing document security. This project demonstrates the practical application of the Lit Protocol to create a secure and efficient system for document management, providing peace of mind in the protection of sensitive information.

How it's Made

How It's Made

The Secure Document Sharing and Signing application was built using a combination of modern web technologies and the Lit Protocol for advanced cryptographic functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of the components and how they are pieced together:

Technologies Used

  • Frontend:

    • React: For building the user interface.
    • Webpack: For bundling the application.
    • Babel: For transpiling modern JavaScript.
  • Backend:

    • Express: For handling server-side operations and API endpoints.
    • Multer: For handling file uploads.
  • Cryptographic Functions:

    • Lit Protocol SDK: For encryption, decryption, and conditional signing of documents.


  • Encryption and Decryption:

    • The Lit Protocol SDK is used to encrypt documents before they are uploaded and shared.
    • Authorized users can decrypt documents using a symmetric key managed by the Lit Protocol.
  • Conditional Signing:

    • Implemented using Lit Protocol’s conditional signing features. The application checks user criteria (e.g., Ethereum balance) before allowing document signing.

Development Details

  • Nitty-Gritty:

    • The frontend communicates with the backend to handle file uploads and retrieve encryption keys.
    • The backend, built with Express, handles API requests for document upload and management.
    • Webpack is configured to bundle the React application and provide hot module reloading for development efficiency.
  • Hacky Techniques:

    • Leveraging session signatures from Lit Protocol to manage and verify user sessions securely.
    • Creating a custom Lit Action to handle conditional signing based on Ethereum balance, ensuring only eligible users can sign documents.

Benefits from Partner Technologies

  • Lit Protocol:
    • Provides robust and secure encryption, decryption, and signing functionalities.
    • Enhances the security and privacy of document management within the application.

This project showcases the seamless integration of Lit Protocol with modern web technologies to build a secure and efficient document management system. The use of advanced cryptographic methods ensures that sensitive documents are protected, and the conditional signing feature adds an extra layer of security by allowing only authorized users to sign documents.

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