Liquorice Gen

Liquorice Gen, a liquidity generator that is an all-in-one bonding curve tool to bootstrap liquidity.

Liquorice Gen

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Project Description

With our tool, one can bootstrap liquidity through our all-in-one bonding curve tool service to take their token from 0-hero and launch their token on the open market on Uniswap.

How this works: Liquorice Gen uses a bonding curve to collect liquidity and allows the user to launch a Uniswap market for their freshly funded token. We like to call this an IBCO!

We accomplish this through the use of a bonding curve. Using the bonding curve as an automated market maker the token is able to accumulate collateral. Once a certain number of tokens have been sold (and thus there is a certain amount of collateral in the curve) the token will transition to a Uniswap market.

This is done with the use of a generalised equation we have derived for the smart contract that determines the start price and amount of tokens that can be taken to market.

Use Case: This will be a great tool/service for anyone who needs a utility token for their product and needs it to be available on the open market, or who wants to raise money without using the conventional investor capital fundraise method.

How it's Made

We used Uniswap v2 for the ease of creating a token market that they offer. For the smart contracts we used Solidity, with Etherlime for building and ganache for a test environment. For the basic building blocks of the frontend we used HTML, but almost exclusively built in "no code" style in Webflow. Lastly to bring the functionality of the tool to life, we utilised JS, Vue and ethers.js on the front end to make the magic happen.

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