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project screenshot 6 Exclusivity with Impact—where fans not only unlock premium content but drive its value in a token-gated ecosystem and secondary market.

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ETHGlobal New York

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🏆 QuickNode —Best Use of Token API


🥇 Base — Best Creative NFT Project


🏦 XDC Foundation — Best Use of NFT for DeFi


🎟️ XDC Foundation — Best Attendance


🏃 Airstack — Runner Ups


🏊‍♂️ Scroll — Pool Prize


🥈 Arbitrum — Best Technology


🏊‍♂️ Arbitrum — Pool Prize

Project Description is a decentralised digital content platform deployed cross chain, that revolutionises the traditional creator-fan engagement model. We aim to transform not just how content is monetised, but also how its value is determined. Unlike existing platforms where pricing is usually set by the creator or the platform itself, empowers consumers to dynamically set the value of the content they consume.


Token-Gated Premium Content Creators can offer exclusive articles, videos, and other digital content behind a token-gated access system. Fans must hold a specific amount or type of token to view this content.

Token-Gated Live Streams We extend the concept of token-gated content to live streams. This allows creators to host events, performances, or discussions that are exclusive to token holders, thereby increasing engagement and creating a sense of community and exclusivity.

Multi-Token Tipping To increase flexibility and inclusion, we allow tipping in multiple cryptocurrencies. This allows users to tip their favorite creators in various tokens, broadening the financial interaction between creators and fans.

Gasless Transactions Acknowledging the often prohibitive gas fees on blockchain networks, offers a gasless transaction feature powered by Biconomy. This encourages more users to participate without worrying about the extra costs of blockchain transactions.

Consumer-Driven Pricing Most uniquely, facilitates a secondary market where exclusive content can be resold or traded among fans. This consumer-driven marketplace allows the audience to set the market price for content based on demand, making each piece of content an investment rather than a one-off purchase.


For Creators: An alternative revenue stream that is not ad-dependent and allows for a deeper connection with their most loyal audience members.

For Consumers: A more democratic and interactive way to engage with content, where their engagement is not just emotional but also financial.

For the Ecosystem: By marrying blockchain technology with consumer-driven pricing, could serve as a blueprint for future decentralized digital content platforms.

By combining the allure of exclusivity with the power of socialFi, creates a democratized digital content ecosystem where consumers are as integral to the valuation process as creators. It's not just a platform; it's a participatory economy of digital content.

How it's Made

Digitals Assets: For content creators looking to make a mark, you can craft a collection of ERC721 passes via platforms, with Metafuse being our top pick. Decide on the volume of passes, kickstart prices, and other nuanced adjustments tailored to your vision. Once that's sorted, connect to, and see your content go live seamlessly.

EVM-Compatible Chains: We anchored on all EVM-compatible chains. In layman’s terms, it's all about ensuring broad accessibility, aligning with your favorite tools and DApps.

Biconomy: Leveraging Biconomy allowed us to offer gasless transactions to our users. Given that gas fees have been a consistent barrier to the mass adoption of blockchain applications.

Wallet Connect: Streamlining user logins for a seamless, integrated experience in the Web3 world.

Airstack: As a mechanism for handling NFT-related queries, Airstack streamlines our interaction with the blockchain. Instead of building out our own querying system from scratch, Airstack offers optimized, ready-to-use solutions that bolster our platform's efficiency and responsiveness.

QuickNodes: Utilising QuickNodes NFT API & Token API, we streamline the process of querying the users available.

Features and Functionality:

Ape Coin Tipping: To diversify our platform's financial interaction capabilities, we introduced Ape Coin tipping. This not only enriches our multi-currency ecosystem but also caters to specific user communities loyal to Ape Coin.

Integration Synergy: By combining these technologies, can efficiently manage content as NFTs, ensure seamless transactions, and offer a platform that's as user-friendly as it is powerful.

Notable Hacks: When thinking of how to best build we wanted to ensure we stood on the shoulders of platforms that came before us, such as Twitch, OnlyFans or Kick. For these platforms to offer low latency, global scale streaming with high quality they require the proven cloud technology. Live streaming with Amazon IVS for us is a suitable trade off between user experience and decentralization.

For the best user experience its critical that a performant content delivery network is used to serve video data, for this we use Amazon S3 with AWS Cloudfront. This allows us to take advantage of the same streaming reliability and quality of platforms like Network and Amazon Prime. Built for scale and user experience.

During the development process, one challenge was ensuring compatibility across all EVM chains. To address this, we built a dynamic API endpoint selector. Depending on the user's chosen or detected blockchain network, the platform intelligently routes API calls to the appropriate chain-specific endpoint, ensuring smooth performance regardless of the underlying chain.

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