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Create on-chain profile on FVM and mint your own domain with FNS


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FVM Space Warp

Project Description

LinkFi provides utilities to manage your personal profile on-chain. Every user can buy their unique FNS from LinkFi and use it to create an on-chain profile. Share your on-chain profile with a larger audience and receive FIL as a donation. This dApp is enhanced with Filecoin Network so users will have a seamless transaction experience over the action of sending or receiving FIL. Feel secure as your data is stored in IPFS and LinkFi gets it through your FNS domain. The creators get update via PUSH and audience can able to chat with their artist.

Features we provide:

  • Create a on-chain profile and get your unique FNS
  • Allows personalised message while sending LinkFi
  • Ensures security and efficiency leveraging on-chain data
  • Enables common on-chain profile aggregator by smart contract

How it's Made

We created this semantic frontend using NextJS and Chakra-UI. We've also incorporated a mint page to get their own FNS for creating on-chain profile. On the technical side, we've used Solidity to develop a smart contract that securely stores profile details and transaction log. The smart contract is deployed on the FVM which enables the sustainable approach. We have used PUSH protocol to send notifications and chat.

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