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Cross-chain leveraged yield farming strategies based on your risk tolerance and portfolio.


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ETHGlobal New York

Winner of


🥈 Aave — Best Integration


🏊‍♂️ Arbitrum — Pool Prize

Project Description

This project is an API that provides all the information necessary to identify the best cross-chain leveraged yield farming strategies and to execute them. Users can input the liquidity amount, preferred base collateral tokens, leverage usage, chains, and protocols. The API will present all possible strategies, and once the user has selected one, all the transactions required to execute it.

Example: Bob has $10,000 USDT. The API found two profitable strategies.

// Total APY = 5%, Gas Cost = $0.05

  1. Supply $10,000 USDT to AaveV3 on Arbitrum for 5% APY.

// Total APY = 7.4%, Gas Cost = $15.00

  1. Supply $10,000 USDT to AaveV3 on Arbitrum for 5% APY.
  2. Borrow $8,000 WETH from AaveV3 on Arbitrum for 3% APY.
  3. Bridge WETH to Ethereum.
  4. Supply $8,000 WETH to Compound III on Base for 6% APY.

How it's Made

This project is built with Go. It directly interacts with the yield protocol smart contracts via GETH Go bindings. It supports AaveV3 and Compound III out of the box and other protocols can easily be added. After fetching all relevant market info, it runs BFS to find all possible strategies. These are then ranked by APY. If a strategy is cross-chain, Synapse bridge is used for token compatibility. Requests are handled using the Chi framework.

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