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Les Snacks

Multi-connect reputation based restaurant application increasing the fun of dining out and decreasing the fud of unverifiable restaurant reviews.

Les Snacks

Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

Verifying good food shouldn't be hard, in fact, it should be fun. With Les Snacks, you can be sure you'll never have a mid-meal again.

Real reviews verified by real foodies.

Inside of the Le Snacks application, users can:

Gain reputation points Book meals with crypto Grow their Tummy ( a Tamagotchi-Inspired food pet that evolves based on user actions inside of the app)

How it's Made

Tech Stack:

The Front-End was made using SWIFT The Back-End was made in Python, Fast API, and Solidity was used for Smart Contracts. An ERC-6551 was deployed to allow for dynamic NFTs Artwork and Digital Assets - Stable Diffusion and ControlNet

Integrations: Metamask, Wallet Connect, IPFS, Lit Protocol

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