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Fast publishing on Lens with Lenspub's wallet activity analyser.


Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize

Project Description

Lenspub proposes a way for creators and crypto enthusiasts to publish their activity to Lens as fast as possible. It monitors a user's wallet activity and uses it to recommend posts for them to share on Lens.

When people list, mint, buy or sell NFTs, they like sharing them on social media. You see posts like, "Hey, check out my newly minted NFT on OpenSea". Instead of going to OpenSea or whatever site and copying links or composing shilling content to post on Lens, lenspub's recommendations automatically compose one for you.

If an app like Lenster implements Lenspub's recommendations, for example. It means that when users log in to Lenster, they see a list of recommended posts according to their recent wallet activity.

Someone who just bought a BAYC NFT will see something like, "Hey Lensters, check out my new BAYC NFT". In just one click, they can post the recommended post or edit it further as they please.

It helps to keep users active and it'll naturally prompt users to post on Lens even if they didn't have any plan to before.

How it's Made

The app uses NFTPort to get a user's wallet activity. This wallet activity is then analysed and used to suggest posts for users.

When a user clicks on the recommended post, they can edit it as they please or post it as recommended. On posting, it is published to IPFS and the content URL is then published to Lens Protocol.

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