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NFT defining a world username for an account, earned in stake auction


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ETHGlobal Lisbon

Project Description

This project creates a way for real persons, proven by World ID, to register their world username to be shared among all lens social apps. The username is like the twitter handle for all apps. Each username is represented by an NFT and there is a staking auction to compete for each name. When a username is earned, it will be owned for an year and, after that, ownership can be challenged in an auction again. When an owner is expired or outbid, the ETH stake is returned, meaning the username registration is free.

How it's Made

This project provides a real person with a world username, that can be shared among all lens social apps. It uses Open Zeppelin contracts for ERC721 NFT standard. Couldn't finish the project as my younger kid got sick and had to go home early. But will continue to work on this after the hackathon because I think this is a useful idea.

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