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Lens & Frens

Just implemented zk-gating for events with onchain ticketing! 🚀 Now you can create zero-knowledge proofs to attend events without compromising privacy

Lens & Frens

Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


Chiliz - Fan Utility Tokens 2nd Place


Scroll - Deploy on Scroll

Prize Pool


Mask Network - Best Use of Next.ID Most Ambitious Project


ETHGlobal - 🏆 ETHGlobal Istanbul 2023 Finalist

Project Description

Welcome to Lens and Frens! Our project is a friendly zero-knowledge (zk) ticketing system that's part of the DevConnect login framework. Here, we create tickets on the blockchain, which means each ticket is secure and can be verified no matter where it's minted – we like to think of these different chains as our "frens". We've also got a quirky feature that automatically searches for frogs in the swamp, just for a bit of fun. Plus, we're all about community, so we've integrated a way to verify Lens Protocol profiles, letting ticket holders prove who they are with their decentralized social media accounts on the Lens platform.

How it's Made

Building this project was like piecing together a giant puzzle where each piece was a different tech. We've got zk-SNARKs doing their magic for privacy, and PCDs (Proof of Carrying Data) making sure the tickets are legit without spilling too many beans.

We didn't just throw in a bunch of buzzwords and call it a day, though. We actually made these pieces work together in a way that's pretty useful. Integrating up with some cool blockchains and L2s to grant ticket access to different tickets and enable the verifier apis to work with their PCDs and proofs.

Oh, and the frog petter? Just a bit of fun we coded in to keep things light. Because you can't just keep tapping all day, but make sure to keep the window open so it can click!

We've also pioneered a fully decentralized betting protocol on the Chiliz blockchain, devoid of a governance token. Discover it at This protocol allows validators to stake CHZ tokens to create and endorse bets, fostering a trustless environment. Participants can place bets on various outcomes, with the stakes being high: winners claim the entirety of the losing side's pot, distributed proportionally among them.

To ensure fairness and discourage dishonest behavior, validators who act maliciously and are in the minority face the risk of having their stake slashed. This aligns incentives and upholds the integrity of the betting process.

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