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Unlock the potential of your property with permissionless peer-to-peer vault share loans on our platform! NFTs serve as collateral for borrowing GHO vault shares, combining ownership and value. Incentives await through GHO tokens and vault shares. 🚀 #CryptoInnovation #NFTs


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Project Description

NFTs are on the verge of expanding beyond mere profile pictures to encompass various types of property, with Real World Assets (RWAs) leading the way. The key lies in unlocking the value of your property while retaining ownership, and this is where permissionless peer-to-peer vault share loans come into play..

How it's Made

Individuals can leverage their NFTs to borrow GHO vault shares by creating offers, which can then be accepted by those possessing Vault shares. The assets are initially held in escrow by the contract, and if the loan isn't repaid within the specified timeframe, the NFT held by the contract becomes claimable by the lender of the shares.

This system enables individuals to not only gain incentives through GHO tokens but also through their vault shares. The vault, represented by the ERC4626 token, utilizes the vGHO token as its underlying asset

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