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We are creating LearnDAO which is build by the developers for the developers. Devs can join the DAO, write educational content and get incentives for doing so from DAO’s treasury. DAO members votes on which tutorial/edu content to be accepted and get incentives in tokens.


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Project Description

It’s still too hard to build on Web 3. Traditional education platforms are constrained by their top-down structure. They lack engaging collaboration and a sense of ownership. Bootcamps introduce strong social dynamics but they’re hard to maintain, operate and scale.

If only we had a better way to organize communities, enhance peer-to-peer collaboration, and remove learning pain points for everyone working to build a better internet.

Introducing LearnDAO. The best way to supercharge a community is to combine purpose with action. Learn DAO is a community to build a better internet, together. Its mission is to help builders create the future of the Web. We plan to execute that mission by building a learning platform. DAO members will be able to propose tutorial guides and get feedback before publishing them. Writers and reviewers will be rewarded for the content they produce. And anyone with an internet connection will be able to access the guides and collaborate with other members to build.

This is a huge problem space and we fully expect Learn DAO to grow its membership, partner with others, and inspire more solutions. For instance, there’s a need for better documentation and Q&A databases. Maybe the community will vote to build a product that addresses one of these.

The opportunities are endless. We want to lower the activation energy to pursue them.
 In the future, we would like to apply for a grant which will be used for incentives. We are also planning to invest/stake the DAO's treasury into protocols like AAVE, Compound, Stake DAO, etc..

How it's Made

This project is built using Moralis backend services. We are using Moralis authentication, Moralis databases, and Moralis real-time subscriptions in our DAO. On the front, we are using NextJS with TailwindCSS to create the UI. We are using the OpenZeppelin Governance contract along with ERC20Votes/LDAO (DAO's Governance Token) to manage the proposals and voting. We have tried our best to reduce the transaction costs by storing minimum data on-chain. All the proposal data is stored on Moralis and the hash of the proposal data is being stored in the LearnDAOGovernor contract. Without Moralis, this project would be very difficult to make in such a short time of 3 Days. Moralis has created a boilerplate code for mostly used functions to speed up the development process. We have used Moralis for the first time and we are shocked by the quality of DAO/dApp we were able to make in such a short time. The most shocking part was we were able to create the chat section in just 30 minutes. 😄

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