A mathematics learning game for kids, receiving their primary education. The aim is to make learning mathematics fun for small children.


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Project Description

We have made LearnaQuest to make learning mathematics fun for children. In this project we have made a maths multiplication game, where a players (student) is presented with a simple mathematics multiplication problem and he has to fill in the correct answer by playing the game. Depending on how he/she performs in the game we award the player with unique NFTs that we have pre-minted in our wallet.

How it's Made

We have used Unity for web, javascript, html, metamask for player identity, NFT port for minting NFTs. We have also tried to use Moralis to transfer the ownership of the NFTs to the player, but we have not been able to get that flow working well. The most fun part of this project was to come up with an idea with in the hackathon, and finding the right team to build it with.

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