Layer2 DEX Aggregator

Keep track of your money across chains and exchange it automatically if needed.

Layer2 DEX Aggregator

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

More and more awesome dapps pop up every day. They run on different chains to avoid the high gas fees of ethereum mainnet. We want to use all of those tools, but it is hard to get there. It is difficult to keep track of how much of your money is currently in which chain and a lot of work to move the right currency where you want to use it. We build a tool overcome these challenges.

How it's Made

Based on Connext our tool allows users to exchange or move there coins across chains to have them at hand when they need it. Different smart contracts are triggered for the user to perform actions that would normally require visiting multiple websites and a lot of time. Also the different exchange rates of different DEX are considered.

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