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Lastminute NFT

A simple NFT card game designed to delight and entertain and help users have fun

Lastminute NFT

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Project Description

This project is about creating a social gaming experience where users can instantly create and trade NFTs on their devices. The game mechanics are that users can upload any image which will then be presented to other users. Other users will then vote on whether the image is Lit i.e. exiting fun and entertaining or Rekt i.e. not so good. Other users also have the ability to pass i.e. no comment.

The creating user can stake an amount and give a predition on whether after some time their image will be viewed as lit or rekt and they can also put down how many people will vote with their position.

Other users can also join in the wager either voting for or against and staking an amount for their position.

How it's Made

The DGame uses Covalent to get the staking prices, and help make sure users pay the right amounts of tokens. NFT Port is used for fast minting of the images which are to be presented. The images are minted to the bet contract and then when the game is over they can be claimed back by the original owner along with any winnings. The project also uses Table land for results queries.

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