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Laminar Finance

A platform for service providers to set up payment kiosks to allow for clients to check in and pay a continous rate using superfluid streams.

Laminar Finance

Created At

HackMoney 2022

Project Description

This project allows for people to check in to a kiosk to pay for a service continuously as they use it. For instance, a user could scan a QR code to check in, in order to rent a boat. Then when they returned they would simply check out and finish paying for their service. We allow for people to pay as they go in a more decentralized way.

How it's Made

Users can deploy a superfluid superapp called a SuperGate. This gate ensures that all incoming payments match criteria specified by the owner. More specifically it checks that the flowrate is correct and the user starting the flow is not already checked in to a gate. The frontend is build using Nextjs. It consists of a wallet connection button for the provider dashboard. Here providers can create and edit their gates and open the links to them for users to check in with their walletconnect wallet.

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