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Connect researchers to incentivized global research participants for equitable data collection w/ crypto payments


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

LabCoin is a two-sided marketplace that facilitates the exchange of data between researchers and global contributors. Through blockchain and cryptocurrency, LabCoin ensures each transaction is secure and contributors remain anonymous, fostering a safe environment for data sharing. This approach effectively widens participant engagement, inviting a rich variety of demographic backgrounds previously underrepresented in research data pools.

How it's Made

The Labcoin project is built using a combination of blockchain and decentralized storage technologies to create a secure platform for research data management. At its core, it uses Solidity to write smart contracts that handle data storage, access control, and financial transactions. These contracts are deployed on an EVM-compatible blockchain using Hardhat, which facilitates the development, testing, and deployment process. Filecoin provides the decentralized storage solution, allowing data to be stored and retrieved securely. The backend services, written in Go and Node.js, interact with these smart contracts and Filecoin, managing user requests and ensuring seamless data operations. This integration ensures a robust, decentralized, and secure infrastructure for research data, combining the strengths of blockchain and decentralized storage.

The project leverages Filecoin for its reliable and secure storage capabilities, ensuring that research data is decentralized and tamper-proof. Together, these technologies create a comprehensive platform that not only secures research data but also facilitates its efficient use for advanced computational tasks.

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