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Kukupon is a voucher wallet for blockchain games. We simplify gaming by offering anonymous verification, free sponsorships, and promotion budgets to attract players. Join the GameFi revolution!


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ETHGlobal Tokyo

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🏊 Worldcoin β€” Pool Prize


πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ Polygon β€” Pool Prize


🌱 1inch β€” Open Track

Project Description

Kukupon is a voucher wallet designed specifically for blockchain games. Blockchain games, or GameFi, face several challenges, including difficulty in promotion, the need for real-name verification, inability to attract senior players, high entry barriers for newcomers, low conversion rates with KOL marketing, performance limitations, and the need to build a strong community and ecosystem.

To address these challenges, Kukuponpon proposes several solutions, including anonymous verification of domain experts or GameFi senior players, sponsorships by games or KOLs to allow players to participate for free, and allocation of promotion budgets by game developers. Kukuponpon also utilizes unique technologies, such as ERC-4337 for handling private key issues, L2 for accelerating transactions, and zero-knowledge verification of identity to avoid duplication.

Kukuponpon can be applied in various scenarios, such as game discussion forums, donations and withdrawals, and in-game screens. The user flow involves selecting the category for verification of identity, allowing senior players to gain benefits and distribute promotion codes, and newcomers to enter promotion codes or be directed to forums.

How it's Made

Kukupon was built using a variety of technologies to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Airstack was used to track players' on-chain activity, while ERC-4337 was utilized to establish a Paymaster for Voucher payments and a Voucher Wallet for delivering Gift Cards to players. WorldID was also employed to verify identities and prevent duplicate redemptions. By combining these technologies, we have created a secure and efficient way for players to enjoy GameFi.

Our unique technology handles private keys, accelerates transactions, and enables zero-knowledge verification.

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