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KryptoMinters is an NFT Marketplace where users can upload there work in the form of short streams and users could mint and become the owner of the NFTs.


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Road to Web3

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🏊 Covalent Pool Prize

Project Description

This project was created by me keeping in mind about the scenario of short kids or a person of any age who could express themselves in the form of short videos and there work could be recognized , minted and can be made an NFT. The child for example when he is small , his mischief or his qualities can be summarized in a small stream which could then be minted and can be made an NFT . Similarly it can be useful for the content creators also who want to step up in the field of NFTs and want there work to get recognized.

How it's Made

The project is made with the help of LivePeer which provides the services for the streaming platform and Polygon Network for the less gas fees. NFTPort and Covalent APIs were useful for retrieving the users data. Using of Livepeer was my first experience and it benifited me quite a lot as my idea revolved around some videos, NFTPort is the API that i quite liked as it provides many api endpoints which were quite helpful and Covalent API also has some good documentation and endpoints. However due to limitations of time , some APIs that i wanted to use , but couldn't. Uisng of IPFS (NFT.Storage) for storing of the Blob was also the great experience.

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