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Koios is the no-code Data Dao platform where you can Launch, Manage, and Upgrade Data DAOs then enable data publishers, algorithm developers, and consumers to manage and use datasets.


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Project Description


The No-Code Data Dao platform where you can Launch, Manage, and Upgrade Data DAOs that enable data publishers and consumer to manage and use datasets. Koios is the Ancient Greek name of Coeus, one of the Titans, who was noted for having an an inquisitive mind and whose name mean "query”. Each DataDao aptly is geared towards creating and querying databases that their users create. Koios is the engine that will make it possible for thousands of Data DAO’s to use FEVM to consistently interact with datasets. As each DAO (or outside developer) creates a new algorithm, app, or protocol, we will include this in our “APP STORE” that will enable any Data DAO using our platform to integrate that project into their DAO in a no-code way. This will significantly speed up the development of infrastructure for Data DAO’s. The owner of the innovative project can receive royalties from Koios based on the use of their project.

The Koios Difference

Each DAO is an organizing market for data publishers and data consumers. This will enable anyone from investment groups, to retailers, to gamers, to take advantage of high powered computing at a consumer level. Within each Data Dao a data market exists so that data can be requested, contributed, purchased, used, and updated.

How it Works

Anyone can create a dao from an NFT or Token. Then they can manage their DAO and enable their members to participate in everything from Staking, Proposing, Investment Vaults, NFT galleries and Voting. Then the members of that DAO get access to the Databases that DAO creates through the DATA DAO interface. When a new dataset or algorithm is published , it is published as a Data NFT and the publisher creates Data tokens enabling any member of the Data DAO to purchase that algorithm or database under any conditions the publisher set. This enables DAOs on the Koios platform to bring real life gated utility to their DAO.


Koios makes money by taking a percent of every transaction from every DAO transacting with a database on its platform.

How it's Made

Koios is a literal 2 day hack pulling together knowledge from all across the Data Dao world. The Data Dao marketplace was built with Moloch DAO framework, Daohaos, Charmverse, and DaoHQ. The Data Dao protocol built with BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol.

We utilize chains across the spectrum most notably Wallaby Testnet but also including ETH, Polygon, Gnosis chain and their testnets.

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