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Check all your DAOs activities, from voting to accounting, with a consistent, all-in-one layout to help you analyze the performance of your DAO


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Project Description

What will I be able to see on KnowYourDAOs?

Amount of tokens coming into your DAO.

Amount of tokens moving out of your DAO.

The particulars of the activity by the executive team of the DAO.

Active Proposals of your DAOs.

Voting History & Pattern of the DAO.

Activity of all the members with respect to proposal submission and voting.

Why do I use KnowYourDAOs?

Well, we know the hassle of keeping track of different proposals and accounting of a DAO on the user side.

And, the hassle of providing this information for the creator of the DAO.

So, this will be your one stop place for having meaningful insights from the DAOs activity.

How it's Made

This project uses @Covalent API & @Unlock. The API is used along with chart.js and we intend to use more of a smart contract to analyse the tokens used. For demonstration purpose of 1 DAO we have picked Compound DAO, and tried to show the data out of their contract address in a manner that is useful for the member of DAO. The output of every contract address was different and that led us to settle only with one DAO. For Unlock we have used the API, but it doesn't work for now on Rinkeby network. We shall be looking into it further to reach the end goal.

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