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Kiwik allows creators and game devs to buy and sell tokenized 3D assets to create higher quality and quantity games and metaverses!


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๐Ÿ† ETHMexico Finalist


๐Ÿฅ‡ Chainlink โ€” Best Use


๐ŸŠโ€โ™‚๏ธ Worldcoin โ€” Pool Prize


๐ŸŽฎ Polygon โ€” Best Metaverse or Gaming Project


๐Ÿ”Ž Lens Protocol โ€” ๐Ÿฅ‡ Marketplace Discovery


๐Ÿš€ Superfluid โ€” Most Futuristic/Creative Project

Project Description

Web3 has many exciting use cases in gaming and metaverse, but currently, the lack of quality and affordable 3 models is slowing down game development. 3D modelers are not empowered by centralized marketplaces like Unity and Unreal Engine which take hefty fees (20% - 40%!) and are not engine agnostic, creating extra work to upload their assets in multiple places. That's where Kiwik comes in!

Kiwik means โ€œmarketโ€ in Maya, we are the NFT marketplace for gamers and metaverse builders.

Our goals are: *For creators: We allow creators to sell their services, 3D and metaverse assets at a low cost as Polygon NFTs in a single place, creating a profile Lens social profile to showcase their work, provide them insightful analytics and reward them with KIWIK tokens to encourage value creation *For Game Devs and Metaverse Builders: Accelerate the game development process by optimizing search in one hub for all 3D assets, the ability to monetize their current or unused assets, and flexible payment options with buy now pay later. *For Gamers: Access to higher quality and quantity of games!

Kiwik has these features to make it happen:

  • Asset ownership by Polygon NFTs that guarantees authenticity and traceability
  • Accessible and flexible payments for Game Devs with our buy now pay later feature enabled by SuperFluid.
  • Insights and trends that will empower our users to get smarter at creating their solutions
  • Monetization opportunities for buyers and sellers (to sell and resale their NFTs) paying a small fee on every transaction
  • Social profiles enabled by Lens and verified by Worldcoin to showcase their work, gain reputation and support your favorite community members
  • KIWIK ERC-20 tokens for +4 stars reviews to encourage high-quality content and easier searchability. These tokens can be sold, used to buy NFTs, pay fees, or our subscriptions.

This is just the beginning, we are planning to include a freelance and commissioning module, a live-streaming section, a premium version for deeper analytics, and add more financial products for 3D creators and Builders. We will expand the use cases to cover other industries getting into 3D modeling, such as healthcare, architecture, or manufacturing.

How it's Made

@Polygon We are using Polygon to deploy our asset NFT minting smart contract and mint 100 million KIWIK ERC-20 tokens, deployed on the Mumbai Testnet to incentivize high-quality.

@IPFS & Filecoin We are using IPFS to host and publish the metaverse assets that the creators upload to our marketplace. We use NFTUp to upload the assets and pin to IPFS.

@WalletConnect We are using WalletConnect to enable our users to log in and interact with our dApp. When they connect their wallet they are able to buy 3D & metaverse assets as NFTs, create a creator or buyer profile with Lens, and upvote and follow asset creators, all on the blockchain.

@Lens Protocol We are using Lens protocol to enable 3D & metaverse asset creators to create user profiles and upvote and discover the best assets. Lens protocol enables us to democratize the data our marketplace aggregates. Asset buyers can also follow their favorite metaverse creators.

@Worldcoin We are using Worldcoin for verified profiles in the Lens protocol. This will ensure we have high-quality creators & assets and prevent spam and security issues on our marketplace platform.

@Superfluid We use Superfluid to implement a "buy now pay later" schema where the buyer of the asset can pay over time for the NFT license access. This encourages purchases of assets to those who may not have the funds and also provides a way for game devs to try assets for a limited time before paying full price upfront. Later on, we also plan to use Superfluid for a paid Pro subscription to our site which provides limited edition assets, larger discounts, and more social reputation on Lens.

@Chainlink We are using Chainlink APIs to easily deploy our social token smart contract and query data from it. Chainlink also allows us to access off-chain data to easily update user rewards data.

@The Graph We use the Graph to query marketplace data in an efficient, streamlined way. Querying via a subgraph with GraphQL allows our marketplace to be performant and index assets quickly.

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