DeFi Lending backed, FOMO Mortal Kombat CryptoKitties MMO game!


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Project Description

What we built : We built a lending compounding interest system into our already existing CryptoKitties - Mortal Kombat MMO game -

You can think of the KittieFIGHT lending and gaming system like an open source bank collectively funded by lenders, that funds the bankroll of a high yield casino/lotto which in turn returns yield to the bank and collective lenders proportionally.

The difference is in this case games are funded collectively by DEFI lenders using Ether and the gaming model is a Cryptokitties mortal kombat themed MMO, with two opposing player groups battling with ETHER over a sizable, initial Ether jackpot incentive, that swells to at least 10x its initial size to return the share of lucrative winnings to players and separate interest shares to lenders

How it's Made

We used drizzle react web3 framework with grommet front end and portis and uniswap price oracle and exchange integration to bring the lending dashboard aspect to life!

How it is Made :

- Wallet: portis and metamask options

- Uniswap price oracle integration

- Uniswap iframe trading integration

- Treasury smart contracts holding and tracking user funds

- ERC-721 NFT contract that auto generates ETHIE NFT CDP based on locked Ether

- Deep integration into gaming system to award and distribute compounding interest proportionally 
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