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What would be the ideal interface for everyone (even my mom) to manage NFTs? The answer: a spreadsheet-like interface.


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

For this hackathon, I focused on UX and UI. I asked myself the following question: what would be the ideal interface for everyone to manage NFTs? (even my mom)

My answer to this question is: a spreadsheet-like interface.

Why? Because this interface looks familiar, everyone can use it.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate the value of this type of interface for managing NFTs on Ethereum.

The promise is that you can manage NFTs on a large scale and in any kind of domain (supply chain, marketing, administration,...) without being a developer, without needing to understand anything about web3.

You can just do it - whoever you are - using a familiar interface.

The next question is: can we get the next billion people on board, especially in the corporate world, with this kind of interface?

How it's Made

Since I am not a developer and I wanted to focus on UX and UI, I used Google Sheets to build my project. This allowed me to focus on the essential and go straight to the point. I'm happy with the result because I think I was able to capture the experience a person would have if they were using this type of interface.

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