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Kindred is a social recovery multisig dapp built on the gnosis safe that enables users to distribute funds from their wallets to family members, loved ones and friends for when they pass away.


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Project Description

Users will be able to setup a Social Recovery MultiSig wallet with as many beneficiairies as they like.They will also be able to assign percentages to each beneficiary when they are alive. When the user is dead, a minimum of 5 their most trusted beneficiaries will need to vote to validate the death. This condition would need to be met in order to release funds. Funds will be on hold for 30 days to give the creator of the find time to void the transaction in case of conspiracy to falsely retrieve funds. We will send notifications via EPNS to the supposed deceased individual to validate thier death.


User log in

Form to fill out list of beneficiaries

Multisig wallet with the beneficiaries with Gnosis

Notification to the beneficiaries using ENPS

Phase 2:

1.Creating a vault to store a users seed phrases, so that in case of death the details can be sent to their friends and family. This will still follow the multisig wallet validation and 30 day grace period. 2. Creating a staking functionality for the dapp to allow users to gain interest for thier investments 3. Creating a Kndred token for users to stake

How it's Made

The project uses Gnosis Safe to be able to build the multisig functionality, EPNS for sending the notification in chain, metamask and wallet connect to connect multiple wallet. We have also used Boba Network to deploy our smart contract. We were able to assign percentages to each different wallet on the multisig so the user can assign percentages out of their will to multiple different beneficiaries.

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