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Kangaroo is Discord Layer 2 Wallet powered by zkSync. It provides a Discord bot experience that won't break the bank and enables seamless L2 onboarding.


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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

Kangaroo Discord Bot 🦘 Bringing the next generation of crypto to the masses.

What is it? 🤔 Kangaroo is a crypto tipping bot built with Layer 2 onboarding in mind. It supports Ethereum and a range of ERC-20 tokens.

Frictionless withdrawals 💸 Typical Ethereum token transactions can have fees upwards of $20. Harness the power of Layer 2 and withdraw your funds for nearly 100 times less.

Grow your community 👥 Engage your discord server with a plethora community oriented features. Better yet, give crypto funds that your community members can actually use.

Features 🤩

The Basics ✅ Tip other users, deposit and withdraw ETH and ERC-20 tokens to your Layer 2 wallet.

Layer 2 Native 2️⃣ Kangaroo lives on Layer 2 Ethereum. No slow or expensive user experience.

Roadmap 🛣️ Coming soon to a Kangaroo near you.

Airdrops 🪂 Reward members of your community and boost engagement.

Smart Contracts 📝 Interact with your favorite Dapps from the safety of your own server.

How it's Made

The project uses Discord's new slash commands to provide intuitive commands to operate all the essential components of a zkSync wallet.

Each user has a real zkSync wallet assigned to them, which has the advantage of being able to interact with smart contracts when they are released and have all the flexibility of a real wallet.

Since they are real wallets, there is some fee, but the fees on zkSync are a fraction of L1 fees.

We store user data in MongoDb.

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