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Frames as a service. A p[latform that leverages frames for creator economy.


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The Graph - Best use of The Graph Network Grand Prize

Project Description

Kanan is an innovative platform designed to bridge the gap between creators and sponsors, offering a dynamic space for both roles to thrive. Upon registration, users can identify as either a creator or a sponsor, each accessing a tailored portal designed to meet their specific needs.

For creators, Kanan provides a unique feature where they receive ad requests, alongside a special link. This link, when shared, displays a random ad from the pool of promotions they've approved, ensuring content variety and engagement. This system not only simplifies ad management but also enhances the potential for audience interaction.

Sponsors, on the other hand, gain invaluable insights into the creator community through detailed profiles showcasing each creator's reputation. This visibility allows sponsors to make informed decisions when selecting creators for their campaigns. Upon choosing a creator, sponsors can submit their ad banners and website links. These materials are integrated into the creator's content, directing potential customers to the sponsor's site. Additionally, sponsors have the flexibility to propose their advertising budget, setting the stage for negotiations and collaborations that suit both parties.

Kanan stands out by fostering a synergistic relationship between creators and sponsors, facilitating a seamless exchange of value and visibility. Through its intuitive portals, Kanan simplifies the process of ad placement and discovery, making it easier for creators to monetize their content and for sponsors to reach their target audience effectively.

How it's Made

Leveraging the Pinata Farcaster API, I've developed an advanced no-code tool specifically tailored for sponsors to effortlessly craft compelling proposals. Through a straightforward form, sponsors can unlock the full potential of ad frames, simplifying the process of proposal creation. This intuitive approach democratizes access to sophisticated advertising strategies, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise.

In parallel, I employ The Graph as a centralized hub for managing all information related to the smart contract. This strategic choice ensures seamless handling of data flows and integrates complex functionalities with ease. Whenever a proposal is generated, the metadata corresponding to the ad frame is securely stored on IPFS, guaranteeing immutability and transparency. Subsequently, this information is encoded into the smart contract. Utilizing data templates from The Graph, I can dynamically display these details on the frontend upon request, enhancing the user experience by providing real-time access to proposal information.

Furthermore, I capitalize on the Base Network's efficiency for cost-effective frame submissions. This network selection underscores a commitment to optimizing operational costs while maintaining high performance and reliability. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies—Pinata Farcaster API, The Graph, IPFS, and the Base Network—I have engineered a no-code solution that not only streamlines the proposal creation process for sponsors but also fosters an ecosystem where advertising efforts are maximized, and operational efficiencies are realized.

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