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Just Some Mud Examples

Examples of using MUD to set values, as well as create namespaces, tables, fields, and values within these newly created entities

Just Some Mud Examples

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Autonomous Worlds

Project Description

My main goal was a public and permissioned database for sharing data, and to that end I was trying to create namespaces, tables, fields, and values via user UI. I didn't get very far, but I think this could be interesting to finish, and exposed a need for a way to assign namespace ownership to the caller of a function in a system (i.e. a user who wants to create their own new namespace via a UI)

How it's Made

I started with the MUD react template, and dug into the Store docs to consider how to create new namespaces, etc. and have these entities be persistently readable by anyone who uses the UI. All I did otherwise was create a basic UI for these functions to demonstrate how they'd work.

Alvarius was extremely helpful in guiding me through how this can work, in terms of syncing off-chain and on-chain data, formatting input arguments in typescript vs solidity, etc.

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