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Juicer Protocol

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Project Description

Juicer Protocol is a ledning protocol which offers guaranteed better rates for both borrowers. JP connects with all credit DeFi protocols to provide better interests rates.

When lender deposit money, it automatically choose the protocol with the highest rate. When borrower comes to protocol, it takes money from protocol with the loweset interest rate and provide them to borrower, take a collateral. It generates an extra, which is distributed between lenders, borrowers and protocol governance.

How it's Made

Before starting this project, I made a customer developemnt with some people who has great experinece in DeFi. They provide me some insights about DeFi credit protocols and that there are some paint there.

I found, that utilization policy is a great opportunity for broker protocol and could provide better rates for huge amount of people with no special efforts.

Technical stack: Solidity, Typescript, Typechain, NextJS, ReactJs.

Protocols used: Aave, Compound and Chainlink

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