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Jobstar is a the job track record built on lens. Employers can certify the work of their freelancers & employees. Workers can display attractive and reliable CV-on-chain and gain visibility.


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Project Description

Share the love with jobs, thanks to Jobstar!

Jobstar is a jobs track recorder

It is useful for Employers who can reward their employees and self-employed by certifying the missions they have carried out.

It's great for their employer image and helps build a safer ecosystem.

And it's also useful for them because it contributes to a cross-project resources network with reliable information about their skills.

As for workers, they can build, job after job, a reliable chain CV and gain visibility.

They can use their page as a professional reference

Jobstar is built on Lens.

Workers and employers build their professional social graph by adding information about their collaboration.

Users can use the dapp to add information: the employer uses the form to describe the work performed, choose the skill, and add the worker's goal profile.

The worker sees this contribution in his profile page and can accept or refuse it. He can add a favorite achievement.

The home page displays the latest achievements and worker profiles (which can be filtered by skill).

A visitor can click on a profile and it displays the worker's favorite accomplishments. A sub-page displays the list of all the achievements of a worker.

How it's Made

A standard Fronted UI for display and form

Some backend logic for the display:

Achievements posted and mirrored by the relevant persons in the public page

favorite achievements in the worker’s profile

Latest achievements and filtered profile in homepage

Some backend logic for the achievement management:

Simple form to add the achievements

Display non mirrored achievements in the profile

Interaction with Lens Smart Contract to create the posts & mirror it (connecting the frontend to the smart contracts was WIP at the time of submission)

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