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Jacuzzi enables users to create intelligent self-custodial index funds via smart contract accounts. With Jacuzzi you can transform your fiat or existing tokens into a well-diversified collection of tokens that you personally own, and never have to maintain.


Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Winner of


🏊 Scroll — Deploy a Smart Contract


🎉 Airstack — Best Use

Project Description

We have personally found it very tedious to maintain a well balanced set of crypto tokens. Many hackathon winners get USDC and often wonder what tokens they’d like to buy and maintain. Non-Web3 folk often have the curiosity to indulge but the barrier to entry is quite high. The best option today is to entrust your crypto or money to a custodial fund manager, or to buy an index token that represents a basket without knowing if it is backed or ever rebalanced.

Jacuzzi offers you the freedom to select from a wide collection of portfolios. You can create your custom allocation, or effortlessly copy the strategy of your favorite investors. Jacuzzi enables you to transform your fiat or existing tokens into a well-diversified collection called a Jacuzzi tub which you personally own. This smart account owned by you automatically maintains your portfolio allocation. For e.g: if you invested 2000 dollars in a 50-50 Eth-Matic split, but in a few months Matic doubled in price. Then the smart account would detect that and swap some matic for Eth to bring your risk exposure back to the desired level.

How it's Made

When you open a tub, we use Safe CoreSDK for Account Abstraction to automatically generate a smart account. You can import an existing portfolio by copying the allocations of an existing investor’s account via Airstacks API, or create one manually by yourself. The initially deployment of funds gets allocated using the 1inch Fusion API. We support smart wallets on Polygon, Gnosis and Scroll. The technical hack that enables automatic rebalancing happens through SAFE modules. When the conditions are met, modules allow anyone to fulfil the swap at the desired conversion, thus creating liquidity in the market while keeping the user’s funds protected and properly hedged.

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