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IStoleThis NFT and all I got was a poo NFT. Right-Click stealing has never been as fun!


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Project Description

Like to right-click steal NFTs? Has someone right-clicked stole your NFT? Think the whole thing is funny and people act like little kids? This is the game for you! Trying to steal an NFT in this game might net your an NFT treasure or in most cases a poo NFT. Tressure NFTs will be made an offer for crypto. The offer is good for 24 hours only. Only 1 person per round can win the rest of the players get poo instead. Don't worry collect enough poo and you will be deemed a poo thief! This is when you start getting custom poo avatars. The Avatar tells the story of how much of a poo thief you are so you can share with the world just how much you stink. The more poo you have the rarer of an avatar you can generate. The more players online the faster the rounds are.

How it's Made

Svelte front end, AWS Serverless websocket, Solidity, and wallet integration via Web3Auth. All slapped together sleep-deprived, migraine, and still recovering from spine surgery. Web3Auth will be great once moonpay gets back to us to use fiat on-ramps. Chainlink was used to pick a random slot for the winner.

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