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Isle of Colors

"Isle of Colors" is an isometric 3D multiplayer game that aims to offer a unique social experiment in color. Build your cities and fight with other players for colors to paint your cities. Using web3 MUD framework & Optimism chain.

Isle of Colors

Created At

Autonomous Worlds

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🏆 Autonomous Worlds Finalist

Project Description

The goal is to build & expand, color & defend your buildings from other players stealing colors from your buildings.

  • every player starts with nothing
  • they can place some buildings on the ground below, but the colors of the buildings will be white.
  • they will only one randomly given color to paint their buildings
  • they can wander around in the world, find other player cities, steal color from other's buildings & find tree spirits to get more colors.
  • by stealing colors, mixing with other colors, and getting new colors from tree spirits they can increase their Color Inventory to color their buildings.

Why on-chain?

  • TODO: players can sell & buy rare colors from other players, building an interesting economy in the game.

How it's Made

Frontend -

We have used ReactJS combined with React Three Fiber (a wrapper of ThreeJS) to build this 3d experience. We have used Blender to make very lightweight models (~100kb), just geometry, no textures or UV. So the game is very performant. We have also used Zustand for state management, and react-three-rapier for 3d physics. We have also used NFT.Storage for storing those 3d models.

Backend -

We have used MUD to store game data, things like model position & colors are stored on the chain, and even multiplayer & player positions are stored and synced quickly on the chain.

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