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Iris Quest

A sharable transaction builder for making web3 more accessible

Iris Quest

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Project Description

This hackathon will produce many new exciting NFT platforms. But what happens if these apps lack important features, or break? How will normal people be able to transfer or access their NFTs? We cannot expect them to learn to use Remix, therefore there is currently no solution to this problem.

Iris solves this by providing a sharable transaction builder to make web3 more accessible. One person with a little bit of skill can create a Quest, to perhaps "rescue" a NFT from a broken platform. They can then share the Quest with their community, so that everyone can benefit from their knowledge.

And this goes beyond NFTs. Quests are flexible enough to support any contract, and any function call. We plan to continue building Iris, focusing on a simple user experience, and continue to reduce the friction for other web3 products as well.

How it's Made

We are using RedwoodJS for the React and Prisma database tooling, and @oneclickdapp/ethereum-auth for wallet authentication. I used this tutorial Using RedwoodJs to create an Ethereum app as a starting point.

We started by writing user-stories, and then flow-charts, then created the database schema. After that RedwoodJS does a ton of helpful scaffolding for us.

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