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IPFS-scholar is a distributed file storage system similar to the SCI, which provides a free and rapid release platform for scientific research achievements, academic papers and other materials. It also breaks the status quo that data is monopolized by a few giant enterprises, dec


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Project Description

Ipfs-scholar is a platform for academic publishing similar to SCI and EI. However, different from SCI, it avoids many tedious processes and enables researchers and students to quickly and freely publish their scientific research achievements. The system USES the cold and hot decentralized distributed storage mode of IPFS+Filecoin to break the status quo of data monopoly by a few giant enterprises, and decentralize the power, realizing the vision of data producer as data owner and beneficiary.

How it's Made

The project adopts B/S architecture, based on JS implementation, and separates the front end from the back end. The hot and cold storage of heterogeneous files is realized through Powergate API, and IPFS and Filecoin network are seamlessly connected to achieve permanent storage of academic materials such as papers.

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